Original Ending of Continence to Love Was Much More Tragic

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Continência ao Amor is the new Netflix novel, which is very successful on the platform. The film could have left fans even more distressed if it had kept the original ending.

The film revolves around two young people, Cassie (Sofia Carson) and Luke (Nicholas Galitzine), who decide to get married. The twist, however, is that Cassie and Luke’s marriage stems not from love, but from their mutual desire for the military benefits that come along with marriage.

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Over the course of Continuing Love, the two end up falling in love after Luke is wounded in combat, putting them in a much more intimate position in their relationship.

At the end of the film, their love is threatened when someone denounces them for the insincere motivation behind their marriage.

When put on trial, Luke ends up pleading guilty to the illegal marriage, serving a six-month prison sentence and facing a dishonorable discharge.

But the film does not end there. In the final moments we see a heartwarming reunion and sweet post-credits scene that make it clear that Cassie and Luke are now in a real marriage based on love rather than military benefits.

The original ending of Continence to Love

Surprisingly, in an interview with Remezcla, Sofia Carson said that this happy ending wasn’t always the plan for Continence in Love.

“We had finished the movie with the ending of Luke being taken to prison and Cassie waiting for him at the gate, waiting for him to come home. Netflix executives felt it was important that audiences could see Cassie and Luke again,” Carson said.

“It was so cathartic and so beautiful to see them together because you really fall in love with them. And it’s such a beautiful feeling to see the happy ending.”

The new ending is undoubtedly much more romantic and hopeful, but apart from the time he spent in prison, it leaves the two almost unpunished for what they did.

Continência ao Amor, with Sofia Carson, is on Netflix.

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