Oriana Sabatini advanced her next song and criticism rained down on her: "He copied the phrase to…"

Oriana Sabatini He posted a preview of his latest video, “Chin Chin”where the progress of what will be his return to the music scene. The young woman uploaded a few seconds of the video to her social networks, but in a matter of minutes She was criticized for her look and her resemblance to other artists, such as María Becerra or Angelina Jolien.

Look at the questioned advance of “Chin Chin”, the new Oriana Sabatini!

The girl from Argentina Now we perreamo’ Chin Chin”wrote Paulo Dybala’s girlfriend in the description of his most recent video, which will have its worldwide launch this Thursday at 9 pm in Argentina. The Advance Gathered more than 992 thousand visits in 12 hours and received the support of personalities such as Catherine Fulop Y Mechi Pierettibut the public reaction left something to be desired.

“Did he really copy Becerra’s phrase?”wrote a user, referring to the description of the video. “It resembles the phrase of María Becerra, ‘the girl from Argentina'”endorsed another account. “She wants to play Angelina Jolie in ‘Girl, Interrupted’! Haha”was another of the comparisons.

Criticism rained down on Oriana Sabatini.

In addition, many of the users question the singer not to perform an artistic career with its own stylesince -according to the opinion of the followers- he cannot find the space where he can shine with his music.

Netizens criticized the “lack of originality”.

“What a pity she doesn’t find her own style. With so much talent… I heard her singing melodic (these songs that don’t even have lyrics) and her voice is very beautiful. Don’t you realize?”said one user. “There are people who want to force their talent… She is proof of that!”questioned another.

Oriana Sabatini was compared to other artists in her latest preview.

The singer did not respond to the criticism.

The young woman did not provide any response to the criticism, and is simply preparing for its official launch. Meanwhile, she enjoys the excellent loving present of her together with Paulo Dybala, who is already in Qatar to debut with the Argentine soccer team next Tuesday in the first game of the World Cup.

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