Orange heat wave alert in 9 departments, 5 others on orange vigilance for thunderstorms… forecasts this Friday

Météo France has just placed 11 departments on orange vigilance, 9 for a heat wave phenomenon and 5 for strong thunderstorms. The latest forecast at 6:00 a.m. this Friday, August 5.

The hot weather continues to hit in France. The night was scorching in several departments in the south-east of France. Storms arrive and will sweep the eastern part of France. Locally violent phenomena are expected in the next few hours.

Heat wave: 9 departments on orange alert

For these reasons Météo France continues its orange vigilance for high temperatures in several departments. An orange vigilance is issued for 9 departments: Gard, Ardèche, Vaucluse, Drôme, Isère, Ain, Rhône, Haute-Savoie and Savoie. 28 departments are placed on yellow alert for this same risk. The heatwave episode is of less intensity, but “lasting over the Rhône valley and around the Mediterranean”.

The heat wave continues in the Southeast.
Meteo France

Temperatures are expected to drop over “a large southeastern quarter of the country.” However, “peaks at 36/38°C, locally 39°C are still possible.”

Storms: 5 departments on orange alert

Concerning thunderstorms, 5 departments are placed in orange vigilance. To know : Ardèche, Haute-Loire, Drôme, Isère and Loire. 40 departments including Andorra and several in Occitania are placed on yellow alert for locally intense storm phenomena.

Thunderstorms will be locally violent in the East.

Thunderstorms will be locally violent in the East.
Meteo France

“Locally strong thunderstorms are developing in Haute-Loire, southern Loire and Ardèche” in the afternoon this Friday, details Météo France. These could affect “the Drôme and the Isère in a second time.” The wind will be sustained under the strongest cells with peaks at 70-80km/h. “Hail, as well as locally intense precipitation” are possible.

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