Operation of maternities: gynecologists-obstetricians worried

Fewer guards and better pay, here are the demands of gynecologists-obstetricians to guarantee the proper functioning of maternity wards. Dr Joëlle Belaïsch-Allart, president of the National College of French Gynecologists and Obstetricians (CNGOF), said at a press conference yesterday that “we must restore attractiveness work in the delivery room despite its arduousness, which must be recognized”. (source 1) Despite a constant growth in the number of gynecology specialists and a figure of 6,600 by 2030, tensions persist for Professor Olivier Morel of the Nancy University Hospital, on the initiative of a report on the continuity of care in gynecology and obstetrics.

High risk of burnout

Several difficulties are listed: vacancies, significant use of temporary workers, non-compliance with practitioners’ safety breaks, closures of structures, among others. The CNGOF puts forward as an explanation theevolution of the methods of exercise and expectations of this profession which is becoming feminized and which is subject to an increased risk of burnout. This professional exhaustion is reflected in the fact that only half of gynecology-obstetrics interns wish to continue on-call duty, and the majority of young practitioners oriented towards an activity part-timesays the learned society.

Recruitment and upgrading as the only solutions

The CNGOF has put forward solutions to safeguard the sector. Better attractiveness is therefore necessary with sufficient working conditions : at least seven practitioners per teamin order to guarantee a maximum of five guards per person per month. The professional body also requires training 260 interns per year, unlike the 220 today, and that they are spread over the territory. Another complaint, price increase for guards carried out: currently paid 250 for 14 consecutive hours, as well as the cessation of on-call duty when they do not intervene in addition to on-call duty.

This report by the demography commission of the CNGOF and the College of teachers in gynecology and obstetrics (CEGO) has been submitted ” end of September “ to the Minister of Health, François Braun. Radio silence, Dr Belaïsch-Allart deplores “not having seen anything coming since”.

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