“Open doors” and moments of “chasm”: the hiccups follow one another around the World Cup stadiums

Several ticketing issues have been raised since the start of the tournament. The first hiccup took place on Sunday during the opening match between Qatar and Ecuador. The stadium announcer announced that 67,000 spectators were present in the stands, while the Al Bayt Stadium has a maximum capacity of… 60,000 people.

The next day, this scenario was repeated during the meeting between Senegal and the Netherlands at the Al Thumama Stadium. The enclosure contains 40,000 seats, but the presence of 41,721 spectators has been indicated. If the match started with many empty seats in the stands, the stadium then filled up little by little. There was a computer problem at the entrance and it was possible to enter inside without having a ticket, simply by presenting the Hayya (permit to enter Qatar if you have at least one ticket for a match in World, editor’s note): “Open doors in Senegal – Netherlands: you can access it without a ticket!”, Writes the Spanish media.

A moment of confusion also took place before England-Iran. A journalist from L’Equipe says he “returned to the stadium without a ticket” after “a mess” linked to a problem with mobile ticketing, linked to the FIFA application. “It disrupted access to the stadium for many supporters. It was even possible to enter the stadium without a ticket,” he wrote. “Frankly, we had a hard time believing it, when we sat down without any worries or a single question, in seat 1 of row U, block 321, inside the Khalifa International Stadium.” The Sun adds that some English supporters, who had bought a ticket, missed the start of the match.

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