Oops! Zena Pacheco exposes private conversation and ‘snaps’ (unintentionally) Jéssica Antunes

Back on social media, after having informed about the reasons for taking a break, Zena Pacheco challenged her followers yesterday to ask her questions through her Instagram page.

A curiosity that the followers wanted to know focused on the last conversation that the Madeiran woman had with Jessica Antunes. The publication, which has since been deleted, ended up referring (albeit indirectly and unintentionally) to the controversial accusation made to Rui Pedro and Jéssica Antunes that they allegedly were behind a gaming platform online advertised by some influencers.

Remember here: After controversy, Jessica Antunes promotes gaming platform and clarifies: “It’s not me or Rui who are behind…”

In this sense, Jéssica Antunes wrote in the exchange of messages in question: “Baby all right. How many views per story do you have an average? Do you want to advertise? […] It’s a gaming platform online […] Basically you get money to advertise games online. They send you a text and you just have to record it“.

At the end of these questions, the winner of Big Brother – The Revolution replied in the negative: “Ah thank you beautiful but I’m not very interested“.

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