Oops! Sister of Bernardo Sousa leaves ‘message’ after criticism of the pilot: “Think better…”

Despite the community of fans and the affection he receives daily, Bernardo Sousa has not been exempt from criticism and a recent contest he launched with the aim of creating a line of merchandising for his next race, the harsh words of António Carvalho, former competitor of the reality show ‘Love happens’.

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This topic was highlighted in yesterday’s live carried out by the website ‘A Televisão’, which featured the participation of António Carvalho and André Filipe and which also ended up mentioning the fact that Bernardo Sousa blocked the former competitor of ‘O Amor Acaba ‘ as a result of the words spoken about him.

Attentive to the part where they talked about the pilot, Bernardo Sousa’s sister resorted to Instagram stories to leave a ‘message’ in the form of criticism about what she had just heard: “It takes 3 unfortunate people to join 156 people in a live to say bad things. To see a couple in love arrive in Rio there were more than 3000. Think about your positioning“, he wrote.

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