Oops! Maria Leal throws ‘barbs’ at Leandro again: “Where is humility? Or did you never have it?”

Leandro has been at the center of several controversies inside and outside the house of “Big Brother Famosos”. The singer entered the house at “full gas” and began to make bombastic revelations about his past, namely about his ex-wife and mother of his first child.

However, the most heated controversy arose when Nel Monteiro accused the artist of ingratitude, and Maria Leal went on the attack: “I’m sorry that this gentleman forgets who gave him his hand for the first time!”, began by writing the singer.

“But let’s get to this: he criticizes the ‘pimbas’ singers so much that he forgot who bet on him and took him to television for the first time was Nel Monteiro, then Chico da Espacial made him what he is today and I won’t say more… In this life We have to thank those who gave us a hand! People who forget that they are artists at the expense of ‘pimbas’ singers and talk badly are worth ZERO…“, revealed the artist.

This Thursday, January 13, Maria Leal returned to the attack and threw new barbs at Leandro through a Publication no Instagram: “This was the Leandro I knew or thought I knew! Where was HUMILITY or maybe it never HAD it🤔”, questions.

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