Oops!: Heidi Klum shows nipples

Heidi Klum shows nipples

Revealing photos on social media are not uncommon for Heidi Klum. Again and again the model presents herself in sexy snapshots with a lot of skin. This time, fans can admire the 49-year-old’s breasts in particular.

The internet is full of Heidi Klum’s breasts. The model is not afraid to show “Hans and Franz” wherever possible. Now the 49-year-old is once again drawing attention to her body zone with a photo from her bathroom at home, which her husband Tom Kaulitz would probably only see otherwise.

In the picture the entertainer shared on Instagram, she can be seen in a white bodysuit as she kisses her lips and leans over the sink towards the camera. The face is mostly covered by her tousled hair, but the followers see something else: Klum’s left nipple.

The body’s cutout reveals this through the movement, which Klum apparently doesn’t care much about – she’s in a far too good mood for that. In the caption she writes “Mood”, meaning “mood”, with the two Os being replaced by laughing smileys.

Goes well with her Instagram account, which features numerous sexy images. Two weeks ago she posted a photo in which she is almost completely naked – apart from a pair of skimpy panties that she pulled down dangerously. In this picture, the nipple was still covered by a cleverly captured beam of light.

Not all of Klum’s 10 million followers can handle that much confidence. The model has therefore switched off the comment function for most of the pictures. However, it is quite possible that the picture will even be deleted from Instagram this time – visible female nipples are actually forbidden on the platform. Maybe Klum also wanted to subtly join the feminist “Free the Nipple” movement with the picture.

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