Oops! Gisela Serrano “blows” Leandro: “Your greed is greater than your intelligence…”

Gisela Serrano took to social media to comment on the subject of the moment in “Big Brother Famosos”, which yesterday had a moment of tension between Leandro and Bruno de Carvalho, as we have already told here.

Leandro exploded in front of the former president of Sporting Clube de Portugal: “As long as I can be here, you’ll take it with me while I’m here, understand? I don’t let myself be walked on… I’ll leave you a warning, don’t stretch the rope too much”, shot the singer.

The commentator and former competitor took to social media to peck the singer: “Leandro, you will never be a winner. Your greed to destroy is greater than your intelligence”, can be read. Gisela Serrano left her support for Bruno de Carvalho: “Bruno Strength”.

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