Oops! Frederica Lima does not forgive and launches new ‘barbs’: “I didn’t notice the heartburn of Boa Nova with my plane…”

It was on the morning of Friday, November 18th, that the competitors of the ‘Big Brother’ received an air message sent by Frederica Lima.

The plane was headed for Miguel Vicente, Bárbara Parada, Diogo Coelho, Patrícia Silva and Jéssica Gomes and the banner could read: “They are true. More peace, more fun”🇧🇷

However, Rúben Boa Nova and Tatiana Boa Nova did not react well: “I know perfectly well that she had more affinity with me than some who were there on the plane. Something happened” – look here.

On social networks, Frederica Lima has already reacted and confessed: “I didn’t realize the Boa Nova’s heartburn with my plane, honestly. We were all happy to see others receiving support planes. All… except the Boa Nova ones. My plane was positive. It was for 5 people I like. It was for the 5 of the “new group” that I was part of, with whom I laughed constantly, with whom I played, talked, played pranks and with whom I was happy”🇧🇷

“The message was simple, “you are friends and true people, stop with the silly little wars and have fun!” Why has this caused so much heartburn?? A wise man from BB already said “from under a stone, a Kompensan comes out” to “Kompensar” the “fullness” of daily calls with the outside world! A Kompensan a day takes away heartburn and gives you more empathy.” he added.

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