Oops! Diana Lopes returns to destroy Patrícia Silva: “Two faces… Victim role…”

Diana Lopes and Patrícia Silva never showed complicity in this edition of “Big Brother”, and since the contestant from Cascais left the most guarded house in the country, barbs have been a constant in their social networks.

After four days ago having devastated her colleague on the show as we told here, Diana Lopes “returned to the load” on the night of this Monday, November 21, accusing Patrícia Silva of having “two faces”

“This competitor’s game strategy: Two-Face. During the week he attacks without mincing words, without any care in the way he addresses his colleagues”start by writing.

“He does not accept opinions and tends to think that he is always superior to anyone. During the gala: Role of Victimization. It almost moved me. But only almost…”can still be read.

The former competitor did not mince words and also considered: “With the fragile air that no longer convinces, always moved, with the same apologies gala after gala and in the end it all comes down to this”, shoot.

“And that’s who I am. One word: OMG! Do we have two competitors in one? Will it be? Where is the so-called transparency? ends.

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