Oops! Diana Lopes does not forgive and returns to the “attack” on Isa Oliveira: “I thought it was a lack of respect…”

Diana Lopes was one of the most controversial contestants in the last edition of “Big Brother”, in 2022.

The former competitor has been attentive to TVI’s new reality show and has been actively sharing her opinion on social networks.

Questioned by followers, Diana Lopes again took a position on Isa Oliveira’s attitude towards Jandira Dias: “I thought it was disrespectful. It is perfectly normal for arguments to happen at home, it is part of it, but it is possible to argue with someone without going beyond the limits of good manners and respect for the other”.

“Is it difficult for us to hear the truth and realize that that competitor really pays attention to the game and all the movements? It may be that tomorrow the conversation between Isa and Mariana will air on “BB Play”. Maybe Jandira is not that far from the truth” – concluded.

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