OnlyFans naturist accuses ex-BBB of having leaked her nudes: “Just to expose myself”

Content creator for OnlyFansthe naturist Natasha Steffens20, went viral in WhatsApp and Telegram groups in the last week after having some videos he shares on the platform leaked.

The influencer explained that she turned to a lawyer to try to find out who distributed the content without her permission, and claims that a former BBB wanted to harm her:

“I think he did it for revenge, he didn’t accept that I gave up and stopped following his profile. On the same day I saw that I had joined my OnlyFans. He signed my content just to expose me. For me he is the culprit, I will take the measures”, he revealed.

Natasha added: “It’s weird because I’ve had my profile for over a year and nothing like this has ever happened at this rate,” she continued.

The content creator said she will go to court for compensation. In addition, she has already notified dozens of groups about the removal of the content. The scenes even ended up on sites abroad.

“If it was him, he will pay all the consequences. My most intimate videos were leaked, just the ones that took me a while to build up the courage and record. I was totally exposed.”

Former gas station attendant, Natasha earns on OnlyFans showing her daily life at the naturist club where she lives, in southern Brazil. Encouraged by her family, she launched herself on the platform during the pandemic and saw her life change for the better: “Today I have freedom and independence. And none of that is going to make me give up. I am investing and soon I will start to undertake,” she added.

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