OnlyFans model receives BRL 51,000 donation from anonymous fan and is in shock

Content creator for OnlyFans, streamer Danyell Lanza, who uses the name TheDanDangler on the internet, was shocked to receive the equivalent of BRL 51,000 as a gift from a generous “longtime fan” who preferred not to be identified.

On her Twitter, she showed a cardboard box with several $ 100 bills, which she intends to use to pay for surgery to “turbine her butt” and said that she would like to thank the anonymous donor personally:

“Dude, someone paid for my butt surgery, that’s crazy, I need to find you! Holy crap. For everyone who asks, he sent me $10,000, there’s no name, no one has come forward,” he said.

Danyell added: “Whoever made this please message me. Would like to thank. I know you want to be anonymous, but this is too much not to thank you in person.”

The content creator explained that she could not find the donor and “has no idea” who it could be.

In the box with the money, there was only one note:

“I am sending this package today as a long time fan, follower and subscriber. I’ve been following along and I know you’re going to have a BBL (Brazilian Butt Lift) soon and I wanted to do something nice for you.

In this package you will find some things that I hope will make you feel better, I would also like to pay the cost of your procedure, so in addition to the gifts you will also find 10k in cash.

Keep all the awesome content and keep working. I love you,” the message read.

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