OnlyFans model bills with hairy armpits and says she doesn’t use deodorant: “I love the smell of sweat”

Used to earning high OnlyFansthe influencer Fenella Fox28, from Worcester, UK, said he avoids using deodorant 一 even when the weather gets hot 一 because “he loves to smell his own sweat”.

The content creator explained that she stopped using deodorant about five years ago, when she decided to stop trimming her armpit hair.

With more than 165 thousand followers on TikTokFenella revealed that a lot of people access her profile on social media, including OnlyFans, which is paid, because of her fur.

“I love the natural smell of my armpits and I rarely use deodorant. I believe our diet and lifestyle play an important role in how we naturally smell.”

Fenella added: “I wish more people would learn to embrace their natural scent rather than resorting to artificial scents. A lot of perfumes and deodorants smell unappealing to me,” she continued.

The model said she is waiting for the heat wave to hit the UK to “make sweaty content” for her paying fans: “I’m looking forward to using the heat wave to make sweaty content for my fans”,

poll on twitter

Very assiduous on social media, Fenella used Twitter to find out what people think about the hair she keeps under her armpits.

On the social network, she wanted to know “who had a sweat fetish”, and the result was the following: almost 40% of people who voted said yes, and another 18% said they didn’t know.

“Yes, definitely. I like to smell, lick and kiss women’s sweaty hairy armpits. They are so delicious,” replied one netizen. Another added: “I totally agree!” he posted.

The comments continued: “Yes, since my teens,” said another. “The slightest scent of sweat on a woman’s armpit hair has always turned me on instantly and immensely,” confessed another.

Fenella earned BRL 1.9 million in the last two years producing content for OnlyFans. She stopped shaving her armpits in 2017, in protest of other people’s expectations, and today she makes money with her look.

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