"Only successful athletes left": Sophia Thomalla disses her ex

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“Only successful athletes”
Sophia Thomalla disses her ex

Sophia Thomalla has been in a relationship with tennis star Alexander Zverev since October. Before that, too, she was in a relationship with an athlete, but the love for Loris Karius broke up earlier this year. With a joking remark, she gives him one more time.

When Sophia Thomalla is in love, the public usually notices it right away. Then she never gets tired of sharing corresponding turtle photos on social media. You can currently see the successful tennis professional Alexander Zverev, with whom she has been together since October. But when a relationship is over, the 32-year-old likes to give it up. So now in the direction of her ex-boyfriend Loris Karius.

However, the love of the presenter and the professional footballer came to an unpleasant end. Before the public – and probably Thomalla too – knew of the end, clear photos of Karius with another woman appeared. Thomalla has now coped well with the breakup, but she can’t help making a snappy comment in his direction. In the YouTube program “World Wide Living Room” she answered the funny question whether she had secured the number of one of the participating athletes on “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire”: “From now on only successful athletes”.

Loris Karius doesn’t really belong in this group right now, he’s stuck in a career low. At his club, Liverpool, he only sits on the bench as the second goalkeeper. He was previously loaned to Union Berlin and played no role there either. The 24-year-old Alexander Zverev, on the other hand, currently wins almost every tennis trophy.

Better not in “shitty clothes”

“Nowadays I think to myself, when I’m with someone so familiar (…), then it cannot be avoided at all – people write anyway,” Thomalla said in an interview with Sat.1. That’s why she prefers to post photos herself showing her and her boyfriend, otherwise the paparazzi would lie in wait to take pictures of them in front of the supermarket. “With the hair at half past ten, with a shitty clothes – and that’s the photo of a celebrity couple.”

Secrecy, as other couples prefer, is not for her: “In my eyes, it’s exhausting. I respect that, but I’m now easy going.” And so is the relationship with Zverev, the two wanted to “stay relaxed”, she says. And she is “very, very proud” of her loved one: “He knows that he can rely on me one hundred percent – regardless of whether he wins or loses – I’m there!”

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