Only adults are accepted on these terraces at the Belgian Coast: “We like to sit on a quiet terrace”

“18 plus” can be seen at the entrance to the Brassi Beach Terrace on the sea wall of Ostend. If you arrive with children, you will be immediately redirected to the family area, five meters away.

A restriction that does not please everyone. But Kelly Van Loo, manager of the beach bar, takes full responsibility. “This standard is generally accepted abroad, and we thought there was a market here too,” she told our colleagues at GVA.

“We have our own children and grandchildren. When it’s just the two of us, we like to sit on a quiet terrace,” testify Herman, 64, and Lena, 62.

Sir Charles in Nieuwpoort also applies the same principle, but not by choice. “I suffered thousands of euros in damage because of children,” laments Noël Brossé, the boss. Do they have the right to refuse certain customers, in this case minors? Yes, according to Horeca Vlaanderen, because there is a wide range of alternatives that include children.

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