Only a few letters different from horror crèche and in the same village: daycare center “overwhelmed with hate messages”

Business manager Romina Vanden Hende (right) and her colleagues Veronique, Jana and Eline are currently getting a lot of dredging. © pdv


The name confusion between the closed crèche ‘t (b)engeltje and daycare center De Engeltjes, a stone’s throw from each other in the Oudenaarde sub-municipality of Leupegem, is considerable. “We are inundated with hate messages, receive bad reviews on the internet and are even afraid of reprisals,” said business manager Romina Vanden Hende (35).

Paul Darragas

“It’s very bad at the moment”, Romina shakes her head. Together with three colleagues, she runs the daycare center De Engeltjes in the Vontstraat in Leupegem, with room for 22 children. But many confuse childcare with crèche the (b)angel, a little less than a kilometer further on the N60, also in Leupegem. That last shelter was closed with immediate effect last week after a damning report.

“It’s not just the name confusion, both nurseries are a stone’s throw from each other, in the same village. That makes the confusion for many complete. We are inundated with hate messages and angry phones. In fact, it’s so bad that we’re really scared. What if we suddenly get an aggressive person at the door or are the target of vandals?”

“Already name confusion last year”

In 2014, Romina was still working for the manager of the controversial crèche. “She then had a second nursery: De Engeltjes. In 2016 I took over the nursery and kept the name. Last year we already heard complaints from parents the (b) angel. And even then we received remarkably fewer requests, to such an extent that we were even understaffed. That was definitely not normal. Then I suspected that there was a name confusion. I even thought about changing our name, but that turned out to be a major red tape.”

“A lot of support from parents”

Pushing children’s heads into the toilet bowl and more devilish acts. I should do the same with all of you. Devils that you are. It is one of the hate messages that hits Romina and her colleagues enormously. “We think it’s really terrible. Or suddenly the message ‘Marginal bitch’ from an unknown. That is very hard. And to think that we are currently insuring the care of six children who were in that other crèche. Fortunately, we get a lot of support from the parents, who in response give our daycare center good ratings on the internet. That’s worth it. Even if our courage is failing us now, in any case we are eager every day to surround our children with the best care.”

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