Only 0.50 feet is left to be filled Bhopals big pond

Bhopal News: Bhopal (Navdunia representative). Only 0.50 feet is left for the big pond to be full. After this the gates of Bhadbhada Dam will also open. The Bada Talab is likely to reach the FTL level in the next couple of days. Actually, water has come from the Kolans river, which is called the life line of the big pond, due to the rain on Friday. By Saturday morning, the water level of the big pond had come down to 1666.30 feet. While the full tank level is 1666.80 feet. Therefore, after about half a foot of water, the gates of Bhadbhada can open, but for this only one good rain is waiting in Sehore. If it rains well in Sehore even for a day, then water will come in the Kolans river. At present, the water level in this river has reduced considerably. After the increase in the water level of the big pond, the gate of Bhadbhada Dam will be connected to it. At the same time, water will start reaching Kaliasot Dam. At present 1650 feet of water has accumulated. Therefore, after reaching 1659 feet of water, the gates of 13 shutter dam of Kaliasot Dam will also open. At present, the capacity of Kolar Dam is 1516 feet. So far 1501.3 feet of water has accumulated in it. It is expected to be full soon. Let us inform that the eight gates of Kerwa Dam, which quenched the thirst of Kolar, have been opened on Sunday. Here, water has also increased rapidly in Bada Talab, Kolar and Kaliasot Dam. About one and a half feet of water increased in Kolar Dam in 24 hours. Whereas in the big lake there was an increase of about half a foot of water.

whose water level

big lake

Fulltank Level : 1666.80 Feet

Current Level : 1666.30 Feet

Kerwa Dam

Fulltank Level : 509.93 meters

Current Level : 509.93 m

kolar dam

Full Tank Level : 462.20 m

Current Level : 458.05 m

Kaliasot Dam

Fulltank Level : 505.67 meters

Current Level : 502.80 m

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