Online exhibition of Lord Ganesha carved in pictures in raipur

Raipur (Naiduniya Representative). All India Ganesh Art Exhibition 2021: Under the leadership of Mahakaushal Kala Parishad, the 75th All India Ganesh Art Exhibition of folk artists and eminent artists of the country was inaugurated online. Chief guest Rajesh Agarwal inaugurated by lighting the lamp on the Facebook ID of Mahakaushal Kala Parishad. The art exhibition was organized in collaboration with KP Sharma Mahakaushal Lalit Kala Mahavidyalaya, Environment Green Society, Government Nagarjuna Postgraduate Science College, Lions Club.

The exhibition displayed 50 compositions depicting various forms of Lord Ganesha, Vatsalya of Maa Durga and Ganesha, Worship of Shiva family, Ganesha’s war with Parashurama, Lord Ganesha’s various pastimes with Maa Parvati and Lord Shiva. Is.

Paintings in watercolours, oilcolors, pastels, acrylics, drawing pens, ink, charcoal, pencils, photographs, black-and-white, colored, and monochrome, Craft – Sculpture Metal, Clay, Wood, Plaster, Paper Mache, Sand, Computer Graphic, Doodle Arts, Graphic bookmarkprints, lino cut prints, litho prints, etchings have been used.

online exhibition

Tailorang compositions by artist Basant Sahu (Kurud), Tairang compositions by Dr. Praveen Sharma, Lokrang compositions by Jayshree Bhagnani. Photographs by Sudha Sharma, Photography by Manoj Devangan (Rajnandgaon), Collage compositions by Arvind Yadu, Computer graphics by Samved Sharma, Pastel compositions by Risa Das, Pastel compositions by Shambhavi Sharma, Dr. Shikhar Sharma Ajay Deskar, Devdutt Padheya, Asim Pratap Hirwani’s mixed medium compositions, Chandrakant Sahu’s Rangoli, Sakshi Akula’s watercolor compositions, Mainak Bhattacharya, Honey Lachchwani’s compositions are on display.

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