One Piece Film: Red, everything you need to know about the film before going to see it

Over the past 25 years, one piece has amassed a large and illustrious catalog of non-canon films and spin-offs. As it stands, there are a total of 15 feature films in the franchise, each with varying degrees of importance to the main story. Given the amount of stories that there are, we reveal everything there is to know about One Piece Movie: Red. This latest addition to the franchise, in fact, after a record debut in Japanese territory, will arrive in Italian cinemas thanks to Anime Factory from December 1, 2022. Released in Japan in August 2022, One Piece Movie: Red follows the Straw Hat Pirates as they venture into the grandest concert in the world. At the helm of the festivities will be Princess Uta, who is reportedly the daughter of Shanks the Red, one of the most mysterious characters in the series.

One Piece Film: Red, a shot from the film

Though the announcement of the film’s release was warmly received, most of the fans still have their reservations about the upcoming film. Due to the sheer volume of movies from one piece lackluster releases in the past, a large number of people are concerned about the events surrounding the film and what they can expect from it.

One Piece Film: Red at which point in the story is it placed?

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One Piece Film: Red, a sequence

First, to address the elephant in the room, One Piece Movie: Red it’s not canon. To be more precise, the events that happen in the film are completely independent of the continuity of the main story. However, the film will explore elements and shed light on information relevant to the current storyline. According to author Eiichiro Oda, One Piece Movie: Red will reveal canonical information about shanks despite her character having little to no development in the current series. The film is expected to shed some light on her past, which will directly tie into the ongoing story of the manga. Furthermore, already the trailers of the film have hinted a childhood friendship between the main protagonist, Luffy and Uta, which could prove important to the future of the main storyline.

One Piece, from manga to film: the origins and success of a cult

What do you need to know about the story before seeing One Piece Film: Red?

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One Piece Movie: Red, a scene from the anime movie

Another important issue that needs to be touched upon is the extent of prior knowledge required to properly enjoy the film. Unfortunately, this is where things start to get trickier. This is, of course, a must for hardcore fans of one piecewho will line up to meet a new character, Uta, a sensational pop star and secret daughter of one of the series’ most mysterious characters, the infamous Red Shanks. The question is, will even those unfamiliar with this iconic story be able to join in on the fun?
So here are some details that newbies should know before going to the cinema. The cast of characters of One Piece Movie: Red includes protagonist and antagonist forces from some of the more recent story arcs such as the arc of Whole Cake Island. Additionally, there are also some abilities and revelations in the film that haven’t been adapted into the anime yet. As such, the film will certainly navigate through spoiler territory for those who aren’t fully invested in the source material yet. And unlike other films like Jujutsu Kaisen 0: The Movie, which could be viewed without prior knowledge of their respective franchises, One Piece Movie: Red requires some knowledge of the vast world of fictional pirates. As a result, casual fans who have never seen one piece first they may not be able to fully enjoy everything the movie has to offer. Regardless, the film earned over 18 billion yen locally, making it one of the highest-grossing films ever in Japan. Fans and critics alike have praised the show for its lush animation, fantastic soundtrack, and top-notch fight scenes, making it a must-see for fans of one piece.

One Piece Film: Red, the voice actors Emanuela Pacotto and Renato Novara: “The crew is like a family”

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One Piece Film: Red, an image from the animated film

Brief presentation of the work of Eiichiro Oda

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One Piece Film: Red, a sequence from the film

one piece is one of the longest running manga series of Shonen Jumpbut what exactly is the One Piece treasure at the heart of the story? one piececreated by the author Eiichiro Odafollows a young man named Luffy on his quest to become the Pirate King. After being inspired to go to sea by his pirate idol, Red Shanks, Luffy decides to form a pirate crew and reach the top. As captain of the Straw Hat Pirates, Luffy and his crew face many characters who would stand in their way. While achieving One Piece is synonymous with becoming the Pirate King, what is this legendary treasure and where can it be found? The treasure had been revealed by the former pirate king, Gold Roger (actually Gol D. Roger) right before he was executed. Roger was a notorious pirate in his day and was considered one of the greatest pirates to sail the Grand Line, the fiercest sea in the One Piece world. However, Roger eventually discovered he was terminally ill and set out to take one last voyage around the deadliest sea, determined to uncover the secrets of the world. On this final voyage, Roger and his crew became the only ones to actually reach the last island of the Grand Line, Laugh Tale. With his voyage completed, Roger surrendered to the Marines and was executed. Before he died, Roger announced that his greatest treasure, the One Piece, would be found in “one place,” referring to the Grand Line and, presumably, Laugh Tale. This inspired a whole generation of pirates to search for this legendary treasure. What fans do know is that the treasure exists, as confirmed by the pirate Whitebeard (Roger’s biggest rival) and Silvers Rayleigh (Roger’s first mate). Also, during a recent manga chapter in the span of Wano, the scene where Roger and his crew actually land on the Laugh Tale is shown. While there, Roger finds the treasure, left behind by a mysterious entity in One Piece lore, called Joy Boy.

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One Piece Film: Red, a scene from the film

The pirates laughed so much at seeing the treasure that Roger decided to name the island “Laugh Tale“. Although it is not yet known, it can be insinuated that Joy Boy’s story is actually connected in some way to One Piece. Furthermore, given that even the most fearsome pirates in the world covet this treasure, including the Emperors of the Sea (essentially the big bosses of the Grand Line) Big Mom and Kaido, this sweetheart must be influential or powerful enough to deserve such attention. While the exact nature of the One Piece itself is unknown, there are several theories regarding its nature. In the world of One Piece, there are several stone figures nicknamed Poneglyphs, written in an ancient language known only to a few. Each of these stones bears bits of long forgotten history, with the Rio Poneglyph said to contain the complete history of the world, engraved upon it. The location of the Rio Poneglyph is unknown, but it could very well be part of the One Piece mystery. On the other hand, the One Piece could also be one of three ancient weapons that the World Government seeks to destroy: Pluto (an ancient battleship), Poseidon (a mermaid princess who can control powerful sea kings), and Uranus. The final weapon is unknown…maybe found on Laugh Tale? Is it even possible that the One Piece is simply unlimited wealth, possibly left behind to entice other pirates to discover Joy Boy’s story? To find One Piece, four “Road Poneglyphs” are required, which, when put together, will show the path to Laugh Tale. Currently, Luffy is collecting these Poneglyphs (copies, technically). Once found he will achieve his goal of becoming the King of the Pirates and will finally reveal the nature of the One Piece.

One Piece film: Red, director Goro Taniguchi presents the film in Lucca 2022

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One Piece Film: Red, a sequence of the animated film

Who is Shanks the Red and how does it relate to the One Piece Film: Red storyline

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Finally, as mentioned above, we know that Uta is Shanks’ daughter, that the two were very close and that, when the little girl was only 9 years old, father and daughter separated. Uta’s “otherworldly” voice suggests that she too can count on the powers of a Devil Fruit (Devil Fruits are extraordinary fruits that give a wide variety of powers, unique to each fruit, which are divided into three categories: Paramisha, Zoo Zoo, and Rogia), just like Luffy. Shanks is undoubtedly one of the most important and closest people in Luffy’s life. Describing their relationship in a few words is not easy but it can be said that Shanks is Luffy’s idol, the person he admires and one day wants to surpass.

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It goes without saying that Luffy and his crew of pirates took their name from the straw hat he wears and always carries with him, but behind what appears to be just an accessory, there is a great story of friendship and a double common thread that binds him in a particular way to this mysterious character with fiery red hair. When Luffy was just a child, Shanks used to pass through Dawn Island and often ran into the boy who, at all costs, wanted to join his crew. Just during one of his visits, Luffy unknowingly ingested the Gom Gom, a Devil Fruit that Shanks guarded and which gave him the ability to become rubber, depriving him of the ability to swim. After being kidnapped by a bandit, Shanks managed to save the would-be pirate’s life from an attack on the open seas by a Sea King, but in the process of saving him, he lost his left arm. On the day of the departure of the Red Pirates, Luffy promised Shanks that he would become the king of the pirates and therefore the latter decided to give him his straw hat, telling him that he would have to return it to him once his dream was fulfilled. accomplished. Since then, Luffy is so fond of his hat that he doesn’t let anyone touch it, except his teammates.

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