One of the biggest Netflix movies of 2022: “Knives Out 2” director announces major change

Rian Johnson has revealed the title of the next Netflix whodunnit, Knives Out 2. He indicated that the thriller will be very different from the first part.

With “Knives Out – Murder is a Family Matter”, “Star Wars” director Rian Johnson managed a real surprise hit in 2019. With a minimum budget of just 40 million US dollars, the humorous crime thriller grossed 311 million US dollars worldwide.

And the film came at just the right time for ex-Bond actor Daniel Craig. Because thanks to a sensational deal with the streaming giant Netflix for initially two more sequels, he has almost grabbed his next film series. Only this time, as private detective Benoit Blanc, he uses his wits more than the force of arms to solve assignments. And by the way, Craig also earns a golden nose with the sequels: his fee for both films is 100 million US dollars.

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When there is so much money at stake, not only Netflix expects great films, but also the audience. After all, it has the first film with a rating of 92 percent Rotten Tomatoes rewarded. Filmmaker Johnson can be expected to outdo himself once again. Now he has already revealed the title of the next film via Twitter:

“Benoit Blanc’s next case, the follow-up to ‘Knives Out’, is called ‘Glass Onion’.”

So Johnson’s choice of title stays in the music realm: while “Knives Out” is borrowed from a Radiohead song, he went for Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery served with the Beatles. The 48-year-old also spoke about one of his greatest role models: Agatha Christie. The British writer was considered a master in her metier of detective novels. In addition to Hercule Poirot, she also created Miss Marple – two of the most famous snoopers not only in the world of literature:

“What I love about Agatha Christie is that creatively she never stood still. I think there’s a misconception that her books always followed the same formula, but fans know the opposite is true… It wasn’t just the locations or the methods of murder, she continued to conceptually expand the genre. Under the whodunnit umbrella, she wrote spy thrillers, proto-slasher horrors, serial killer hunts, gothic romances, psychological character studies, glam travelogues.”

And that’s exactly what appealed to him when he shot “Knives Out”: The prospect of embedding other films with Benoit Blanc in completely different genres, of giving each film its own style and thus a raison d’être. These other Netflix highlights for 2022, which you can see in our video, also have a right to exist.

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Incredible star cast for “Glass Onion”

But fans certainly don’t have to worry now that “Glass Onion” may not become a whodunnit, a crime thriller in which the identity of a possible murderer is only gradually revealed. Rather, what Johnson means is probably the mood of the film. While this was rather cheerful in “Knives Out” and contained a lot of humor, the next film could possibly be more serious.

In one respect, however, the sequel is similar to the first film: Here, too, numerous big names are involved. Joining Daniel Craig as Benoit Blanc this time are Ethan Hawke, Kate Hudson, Jessica Henwick, Kathryn Hahn, Edward Norton, Dave Bautista and Janelle Monáe.

Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery is yet to be released end of 2022 provided via Netflix.

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