One of the best scenes from ‘Scream 6’ almost had to be cut from the movie

In an interview with CBRthe co-director Matt Bettinelli-Olpin revealed that one of the best scenes of ‘Scream 6‘ nearly had to be cut from the film.

The filmmaker stated that the subway sequence was very difficult to get off the ground, since they could not shoot in a real location and needed to build a convincing set that could blow the production budget – which revolved around $35 million.

“The subway scene was a big challenge. It could cost us dearly. We talked about it a lot. Thirty percent of pre-production was thinking, ‘How can we create this subway scene?’ There were a few moments where we considered cutting that sequence from the film, but we didn’t want to give it up.”

He completes, “The end result shows how incredible our team is. Everyone worked together to figure out how we could shoot this scene; how could we create something that felt like it was in motion. We had to go through all the departments, and they all did their best. When we got to the finished set, our reaction was, ‘This really looks like a subway station. I feel in New York’. It was exactly what we wanted. It didn’t feel like a set; it felt like a real location.”

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In addition to breaking records in the North American territory – with a solid debut of $44.5 million –, ‘Scream 6‘ also surprised in Brazil, where the sequence registered the biggest debut of the franchise.

According to deadlinethe new feature grossed BRL 9.46 million during the first weekend in our country. The result represents a 55% increase compared to the previous film’s release,’Panic‘ (2022).

In addition, the global collection of ‘Scream 6‘ also broke saga records. the terror collected $22.6 million internationally across 53 markets – a 60% increase compared to the fifth film.

The film also had the franchise’s widest release in the UK, Australia, Mexico, Italy and the Netherlands.

In total, the production had a global debut of $67.1 million.

Review | ‘Scream VI’ is a gore spectacle and one of the best films in the franchise

Terror accompanies the four survivors of the recent Ghostface massacre: Sam, Tara, Chad and Mindy. The group decides to move out of Woodsboro to start over in a new town. However, before long, the four become the target of a new masked serial killer.

Melissa Barrera (Sam), Jenna Ortega (Tara), Hayden Panettiere (Kirby), Courteney Cox (Galley), Mason Gooding (Chad) and Jasmin Savoy Brown (Mindy) return.

the newbies Samara Weaving (‘The baby sitter’), Tony Revolori (‘Spider-Man: Never Go Home’), Dermot Mulroney, Jack Champion, Liana Liberato, Devyn Nekoda, Josh Segarra It is Henry Czerny complete the list.

The directors of the previous film, Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett, also come back for the next adventure.

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