One dead and one seriously injured following a fire in an apartment building in Orchies

On the night of Saturday to Sunday, a man was found dead alongside his wife, seriously injured, in the fire of their apartment in Orchies, announce our colleagues from La Voix du Nord.

The firefighters of Douai and Orchies could not do anything for this man in his sixties. When the professionals are called for an apartment fire on the fourth and last floor of the Orca residence at 2000, rue de la Résistance, around 1 a.m., the fire is almost over. It is also quickly extinguished with a small spear. “A violent fire, whose hearth was located in the living room, which remained confined to the apartment”, as described by a professional on the spot.

When they arrived, the emergency services discovered two seriously burned victims, one of whom was in cardio-respiratory arrest. The man, the first victim, was pronounced dead at the scene by the SAMU.

Seriously injured, the second victim, his wife, was transported to the burns center at the Lille CHR. His vital prognosis would be engaged.

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