One daughter of a clan of "Large families, life in XXL" reveals to have been raped: the chilling story!

Since July 2020, viewers of the first channel have fallen in love with new personalities from a reality document! In “Large Families: Life in XXL”, several families indeed share their daily life… And among the families highlighted by the program, the Reymond family has definitely marked the first two seasons of the show!

And for good reason, if this great tribe is no longer in the cast of the show, one of the members continues to be talked about on the Web, it is Ashley! The reason ? On her TikTok account where her videos go viral, the latter never ceases to denounce the behind the scenes of the program.

“Having made large families, life in XXL, is: seeing that most families lie, a lot of scenes played, agencies that buy subscribers from certain families, families that do lives together only for subscribers on the other hand, because they can’t laugh at each other in real life, three quarters of the fake product placements that you find at 3 euros on AliExpress, the mothers who are loved by the public even though they are witches with their children”she had revealed in a video dating from October 2021.

More recently, the young woman spoke again to discuss a much more personal subject…

The chilling tale

On July 24, 2022, still via her TikTok account, Ashley announced that she had been raped via a video posted on the social network. “He raped me for 8 months and he dared to say to his girl: ‘It was a starfish in bed’”, she wrote. A post that shocked the Web. Obviously, the young woman received many messages of support.

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