Once upon a time, the unusual Parisian shop that sells Christmas decorations all year round!

By Audrey L. Photos by Audrey L. Posted Nov 13, 2022 7:14 PM

Once upon a time…, the half-fantasy, half-Christmas Parisian boutique welcomes you all year round in the heart of the Marais. Inside, elven figurines meet Santa Clauses of all kinds in a bountiful profusion of festive decorations and wonder.

Once upon a time…, so all fairy tales begin. But the story that we are going to tell you is special. There are fairies, dragons and other elven creatures but above all there are Christmas ! Once upon a timeis the name of a small unusual and mysterious shopwith a cobalt blue storefront in the bustling district of Swamp in Paris.

The ground floor of the shop opens onto a fantastic world populated by magical creatures (fairies, dragons, goblins and elves), on the border of shelves covered with skulls and Gothic-Celtic jewelry. Continue on your way and at the very bottom of this whimsical cave, a tiny staircase will reveal itself before your eyes.

It is then that you will stop over in a underground christmas kingdom ! A joyful bazaar where each object finds its place in a magical and resolutely kitsch landscape. Here, more than 3000 decorative elements (for the tree and the house) are offered for sale all year round ! A unusual experience that crosses the seasons, for dreamers looking for an original decor, far from the supermarkets.

By rummaging through this spangled accumulation, we get our hands on Santa Clauses galore, the traditional santons of Provence or even the very popular Nutcracker wooden soldiers. But we also discover more surprising pieces such as a LGBTQ+ Santa Claus to hang, and even a “Stormtrooper” (Starwars) on a candy cane acting as a pole dance bar.

Come explore this Parisian Christmas institution to find your nugget decoration this year!

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