Once Divyanka Tripathi’s sister was mocked as ‘fat’, Priyanka answered by reducing 45 Kg weight with this one trick without diet

Being overweight is very painful. Especially when all the efforts to lose weight fail, then the person becomes desperate. Since childhood, 42-year-old Priyanka Tiwari struggled with weight. Priyanka, who was a foodie, was not able to reduce the weight even after so much hard work. Although even before marriage, she had reduced her weight by 20 kg. Then after marriage, she lost weight several times to get pregnant. The situation had become such that after some time the weight was reduced, it used to increase again.

Eventually Priyanka started fasting and during this time completely stopped consuming sugar and processed food. While doing this, he reduced the weight of 45 kg in just 6 months. Now Priyanka is an example for those women, who are unable to lose weight even after many efforts. Now she is motivating women for weight loss through YouTube channel. Please tell that Priyanka Tiwari is the elder sister of TV actress Divyanka Tripathi. Let us know about his weight loss journey…

  • Name- Priyanka Sameer Tiwari
  • Occupation- YouTuber, Instagram Influencer, Nutrition Expert, Professional Counselor, Voice Artist
  • Age – 42 years
  • City- Bangalore
  • Increased Weight – 119 Kg
  • Time taken to lose weight – 6 months with fasting
  • Reduced Weight- 45 Kg

Image Credit: (Priyanka tiwari)

Turning point-

Priyanka says that the biggest turning point in her life came when the three children grew up a little. It was during this time that I began to look closely at myself. Discovered such a way to lose weight, in which I did not have to exercise too much and I could also eat my favorite food. One day while watching a show named Dr.Oz on TV, a man came on the show.

At the age of 30, he had lost 107 kg. He used to do one day meal diet. Everything sounded out of the ordinary. This thing inspired me a lot. That’s when I started research on fasting and started intermittent fasting. During this, I made healthy versions of all my favorite dishes and ate them.

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How was the diet plan-

  1. Breakfast- Consumed water and green tea for 18-20 hours from morning till evening. In total it used to be up to 3 liters.
  2. dinner- Dal, roti, vegetable, rice, ginger basil tea. Apart from this, supplements of iron, wheat grass juice, ashwagandha were also taken. Sweet fruits and date syrup were used instead of sugar.
  3. Pre and post workout meal drank a lot of water
  4. low calorie food Being a nutritionist, I converted even junk food to low-calorie food. This is the reason why I did not have to give up any of my favorite food during weightloss.

Fitness and workout secret

Priyanka tells about her workout secret that I have exercised in fasting time only. After 12 hours of fasting, our body becomes a store fat burning machine, so keep moving as much as you can at this time. According to Priyanka, she does not like exercise very much, so she had set a target of completing 6000 steps during the daily 30 minute walk.

Keep yourself fit with Surya Namaskar and Yoga

To keep herself fit, Priyanka includes Kapalbhati in her fitness routine. According to her, it is much better than ab crunches. She says that there is nothing better for me than yoga to reduce belly without breaking a sweat. Apart from this, I do Surya Namaskar 21 times every day for fitness.

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how to keep yourself motivated

Priyanka says that for motivation, I have to constantly convince my brain that it is not time to eat, but I will definitely be able to eat it in my eating window. That’s what drove me to weight loss and now I have a great relationship with food.

What problems did you face while being overweight?

During this, people taunted me a lot that the face is very beautiful, but why not do anything for the weight. People used to tell me how to lose weight as soon as I met them. No clothes fit me. The situation had come that I started deleting my photos. Because I didn’t like seeing myself in pictures.

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What are the changes in lifestyle

The weight loss journey is not easy for anyone. It was very difficult for Priyanka as well. He too had to make a lot of changes in his lifestyle. As he stopped thinking about food, he started explaining to the mind that whatever I am cooking in the kitchen, I will definitely eat, but at the right time. Priyanka says that during weight loss, I kept myself busy in many things, so that even if I wanted to, I did not feel like eating.

What did you learn from weight loss?

Priyanka Tiwari’s weight loss journey was quite interesting. During this he got to learn not one but many things. Like consistency is very important to lose weight. Second, if you want to eat good food, then fasting has to be done. Priyanka’s advice to people is not to mistake fasting as a diet, but fasting is a way of living. If you follow this, you will not only lose weight, but your health will always be fine.

Article Contributed by Deepti Gupta

Disclaimer: What worked for the author may not necessarily work for you. So avoid blindly following the diet-workout mentioned in this article and find out what works best for your body.

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