Once again, the widow of Jean-Pierre Pernaut and former Miss France, Nathalie Marquay atomizes the WHOLE Hallyday clan!

Nathalie Marquay has things to say… The death of her husband Jean-Pernaut – which occurred on March 2 – shook her at all levels. In the turmoil, the ex-protégé of Geneviève de Fontenay knows that she can constantly count on her family. Before taking his last breath, the journalist did the necessary for his succession. Thus, no war of inheritance for the greatest happiness of the former beauty queen.

“We are not called Johnny Hallyday”pointed out Nathalie Marquay to our colleagues at Parisian.“Jean-Pierre must be very proud from up there to see that we are all united. It was important to him”. As a real mother hen, the ex-columnist of Cyril Hanouna struggles to best support her two children: Lou and Tom. In the same way as the eldest of the famous presenter born from a previous union.

“I am someone who goes straight to the point”

“We weren’t afraid to talk about death together,” added the main interested party. “I am someone who goes straight to the point. I need to say things, what would be best for the children, so as not to hurt them, so that everyone is happy. It was all well done”. On a daily basis, Nathalie Marquay is very sensitive to paranormal phenomena. She is also certain that her late husband is constantly sending her signs from beyond.

“I believe in angels, in life after death […] He who was very down to earth when I spoke to him about that, ” confessed the ex-Miss France to our colleagues from Cine TV Revue last May. “For two months, I left the hospital every evening at 9 p.m. and the Eiffel Tower was off. The day he died, on leaving, it was on, it sparkled. That’s where we had our first date at the restaurant. The next day I go to my car and, turning on the radio, there was his favorite Johnny Hallyday song ‘Allumer le feu’”. Very subtle messages that allow him to hang on in this delicate period…


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