Onana impresses at Internazionale: ‘The fans love him’

André Onana has made a big impression this season with his new team, Internazionale. After a difficult first phase in Italy, Onana has now really found its feet. The former goalkeeper of Ajax will start on Thursday World Cup with Cameroon and thus seems to be in top form.

Filippo Conticello, Inter-watcher for the Italian newspaper La Gazzetta dello Sportsays to the NOS how loved Onana is among the fans. “Onana is the surprise of the season, the fans love him.” Conticello also sees why. ‘Onana is very active and good with her feet. He is actually the first defender. The people here appreciate this new style. They wanted to get rid of that static’, he says.

At the start of the season, Onana faced stiff competition from Slovenian Samir Handanovic. However, Onana has now been given the final preference over the Slovenian. That Onana is in good shape can also be seen from the results of Inter. “Since he came into the team, Inter have only lost to Juventus in the league, but even in that game he played very well,” said Conticello.

Eto’o praises Onana

In Cameroon, Onana’s results have not gone unnoticed either. Former top striker Samuel Eto’o is very impressed by his compatriot. He is one of the best three goalkeepers in the world. Or rather, to me he is the best in the world.’ For example, Onana sometimes looks like an eleventh field player. “The fact that he can throw the ball sixty meters and act as an extra field player is special.” Eto’o draws a comparison with Brazilian goalkeeper Julio César. “As for the impact he has, although they are from a different generation.”

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