‘On Vacation With Ex’ has widespread fight and discussion of racism

The third episode of the new season of “On Vacation With the Ex” started delivering a lot of bullshit to the public this Tuesday (22). Promising to be more intense than the first two, marked by making out, the episode showed the arrival of a new participant what shook the structures of the house and caused a fight among the participants.

Luana Targino, Lucas Albert’s ex, arrived to shake up the program and was received by Lipe Ribeiro, influencer with the highest fee of the season, who took advantage of it to take revenge on Lucas. However, the climate of happiness had a limited time, since Luana managed to be hated by everyone in the house.

“I’m extremely jealous. Not just in relationships with men. I am extremely needy. I’m calm, but if you want to see my angry side, it’s starting with debauchery and rudeness,” he said. Luana upon joining the program.

Lipe Ribeiro continued on center of attention just like in previous episodes after taking his revenge, but he didn’t expect Dessa to be upset. However, nothing prevented the meeting between Lipe and Luana, who they went for a walk and there was a climate between the two.

“I found him very funny, he talks and jokes. I’m here to play and I won’t deprive myself. If there’s going to be a fight, I’ll be there to fight,” praised Luana.

Debate on racism marks the episode of De Férias Com o Ex


One scene that went viral on the internet was involving a fight between Bifão and Luana after the new participant asked Marina how she washed her hair braids. Marina did not hide that was bothered by the question and Bifão took care of his friend’s pain.

“Tired of people coming in and talking about my hair,” explained Marina. Bifão then went after Luana and justified himself🇧🇷 “One thing. The only reason I would get kicked out of this shit is this. When you do it to me, I’m not so sorry. When you do it for those I like, I feel it🇧🇷

🇧🇷Why did you ask Marina how to wash the braid?“, shouted Bifão. “Get out of here, you whore”, shot the blonde. “I don’t know why I went there to stage”, countered Luana. After Bifão raised the issue, Luana tried to justify herself. 🇧🇷I want to apologize because I want to recognize my mistake. I know you are not obligated to speak,” he asked.

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