On vacation: David Beckham posts funny video with Victoria

Well, does Victoria Beckham (48) find it just as funny as David (47)? The parents of four children have been happily married for 23 years. The former footballer and the designer repeatedly emphasize online how much they love each other. The two always give cute insights into their family life. But is the model also happy about this post from her husband from her current vacation in Italy? shared on the web David here’s a funny video Victoria.

On his Instagramprofile, the 47-year-old shared a clip in which he sat laughing in front of the camera while his wife ran into the picture doing sports. The former Spice Girls singer lunges with a fitness band around the outside of the yacht where they are currently enjoying their vacation. jokingly commented David Victoria’s Behavior: “I can’t even have a coffee without Vic lunging.”

His wife’s workouts aren’t the only fun quirk in the couple’s relationship. Revealed in an interview Davidthat Victoria hates his constant throat clearing. He also said that he was neater than the beauty.

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Victoria and David Beckham in July 2022

Instagram / victoriabeckham

David and Victoria Beckham in January 2022

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