On the first celebrity BB day: Jeremy Fragrance causes stress!

The shreds are already flying on the first day! The first celebrities were allowed to move into the containers at Celebrity Big Brother: on the one hand, there is the attic and the garage. Jennifer Iglesias (24), Jay Khan (40) and Sam Dylan (31), among others, moved into the attic. One of them, however, immediately made for beef: Jeremy Fragrance (33) absolutely didn’t want to put on his “Big Brother” outfit!

All candidates had to swap their clothes for kitschy colorful sweaters. But Jeremy didn’t want to give up his white suit. “It’s my signature look and it’s important to me to keep it,” he explained. This caused a lack of understanding, especially with Sam and Valentina Doronina. “We’re a team here and we’re not suffering now because you have to wear your signature look!”Sam fumed, while Wale added, “It’s antisocial. […] Sorry, you’ll get to know me then. If we’re suffering just because you want to keep your suit on, then this is a different story.”

But the fragrance influencer remained stubborn and preferred to take the risk that all candidates would have to bear the consequences. With this action, however, he shot himself a little off. Valentina even admitted she was a little scared of him, comparing him to serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer.

“Celebrity Big Brother” from Friday, November 19, 2022, live every day and “Celebrity Big Brother – The Late Night Show” immediately afterwards live on Sat.1 and on Joyn

Sam Dylan, “Celebrity Big Brother” contestant

Instagram / jeremyfragrance

Jeremy Fragrance in November 2022
Valentina Doronina, “Celebrity Big Brother” candidate

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