On newsstands on the Fatto Quotidiano on January 15: “Figure suitable”. This is how Salvini and Meloni define it

He Folder


School? it lasted like a cat on a ring road

Open and … close! After the first week, thousands of prof. and positive students. Last minute communications and unstable internet: “We use our smartphones for Dad …”

The heir of alitalia

Ita flops, but the leaders want to treat themselves to maxi salaries and bonuses

President. Altavilla has chosen Mercer as a consultant who reciprocates by proposing to pay him first 2.1, then 1.5 and finally 1 million

COVID-19. The presidential wave

No di Speranza and Cts to the Regions “The bulletin does not change now”

Counts and strategies. The governors aimed to avoid color jumps Hospitals more in trouble, but the curve flattens out

“INPS scam”

Rep. In crisis, former Gedi leaders were looking for hooks in Count I

Wiretapping. For the prosecutors, the former CEO of Mondardini wanted contacts with the government of the time “But he is not part of our world”. Then the meeting with Undersecretary Crimi


From Bolivia to the turning point in Chile: where “sovereignty” is democracy

Latin America. Between voting, movements, coups d’etat. A red thread. The attempt to free themselves from the “market”, from the “invisible hands” that have controlled it so far, binds the different countries

Modern adventures

Those two brothers who invented books

Publishing pioneers. Venice, 1489: the Giunti, sons of a humble Tuscan family of “pannaiuoli” and raised among “stationers”, publish their first best-seller. 6 years before Aldo Manuzio

Festival n. 72

The Sanremo of Amadeus III: we dance (all) on the Omicron

Listen to a preview of the 25 songs in the competition: Elisa and Moro offer author ballads, but the surprise are Rkomi and Aka 7Even, already eligible for the victory


Carfagna, Brunetta and the 40 “traitors” in the Arcore list

Franks shooters in BE

double table

Meanwhile Matteo to Pd and 5S gives the names of Pera and Moratti

The first reaction is the wall: “Silvio Berlusconi is an inadmissible and unacceptable option”. But behind the tweet with which he rejects the candidacy for Colle del Caimano, Giuseppe Conte hides a certain surprise and a lot of concern. Because now the road for the M5S, and for the Giallorosa, is getting narrow. First, it now seems officially impossible to get there […]

Christmas “Papi”

Those paintings “without ethics”: Silvio’s gifts at code risk

So far nothing has come back. “We see that they were appreciated …”, confirms a source close to the man from Arcore. Silvio Berlusconi gave around 200 paintings for Christmas to deputies and senators. Taking into account that the 129 troops have all received the cadeau, there are about fifty left to members of other parties. The leaders, […]

Family mess

Gianni Letta in Chigi: dem uncle and nephew work for Draghi

In the field. The historic right-hand man of the Caimano wants a “shared” president and tries to convince B. to retire to launch the premier

The state funeral

Farewell to Sassoli, “a guide to the Colle”

Rome. In church the Italian and European leaders, a hundred people out for the last tribute

Berlusconi at the Quirinale? No thank you

A dry mouth with Conte, fleeing the virus and the processes

Thirty-fourth episode. 2 years black. With the M5S the government does not touch the ball. Also from Nice he traffics for impunity. But in Rome there are always those who work for him

Viaticum for the hill?

Frattini, general of B., will preside over the Council of State

When it is said at the right time. Because for Franco Frattini, appointed new president of the Council of State, in Rome someone has come to think that the promotion is a viaticum in the race to the Quirinale for someone who is still considered one of the center-right’s hole cards. Exaggerations, but only for those unfamiliar with the cursus […]

In yellow

Sicily, the island of ghost beds and those who have never been healed before

Staggered figures and Kafkaesque stories

The expertise

“Raise, with avoidable red zone 4 thousand deaths”

“When the first infected was discovered, Sunday 23 February 2020, at the Alzano hospital there were already 100 people affected by Covid-19”, says Andrea Crisanti. The microbiologist, director of the Molecular Medicine Department of the University of Padua, yesterday filed his report with the Bergamo Public Prosecutor’s Office. Now the prosecutor Antonio Chiappani awaits the final report from the Guard of […]


Obligation and super pass: no one follows Italy

Abroad. Other than “we are the first”

Protest. Prof. without Ffp2, the pupils leave

A teacher from a junior high school refused to wear the Ffp2 mask in the classroom instead of the surgical one, after a case of positive Covid was reported among students in the previous days. The pupils themselves decided to leave the classroom in protest. The prof took them back with […]

Cancel two appointments

Cassation, the leaders reset: there is a risk of the start of the judicial year with the president in the middle

A week after the inauguration of the judicial year, the leaders of the Supreme Court have been reset. The Council of State canceled the appointments of the first president, Pietro Curzio, and of the adjunct president, Margherita Cassano. The president of the civil section of the Cassation, Angelo Spirito, defended by Professor Franco Gaetano Scoca, won both appeals. What happened is a fact […]

Australian open

Visa frozen: now Djokovic risks expulsion

The Australian government canceled the visa of Serbian tennis player Novak Djokovic for the second time in a few days. The athlete is now in custody with the prospect of an expulsion from the country and an entry ban for up to three years. Djokovic was summoned on Saturday for an interview with Immigration officials, […]

Campania Region

Sma process, the ledger of bribes. “Thus was born the De Luca-FdI pact on waste”

Lorenzo Di Domenico risks four and a half years for corruption, until February 2018 administrator of Sma, the regional company for the environment and purifiers, accused with the shortened procedure in Naples. The prosecutor Henry John Woodcock asked for them in yesterday’s preliminary hearing, the sentence is expected in February. Di Domenico is the deep gorge of […]

The Milan prosecutor

Practice at the CSM: Storari risks the transfer

Paolo Storari, Milan prosecutor, risks being transferred from office. The First Commission of the CSM has opened a procedure for environmental and functional incompatibility. It is not the first initiative that is taken against the magistrates who have been the protagonists of the disputes with the Milan prosecutor’s office: another procedure is pending against the prosecutor Fabio De Pasquale. […]

The former mayor of the M5s

Flood of Livorno, Nogarin goes to trial

The former first citizen of Livorno Filippo Nogarin (M5S) was indicted for multiple manslaughter as part of the investigation into the flood that hit the city in the night between 9 and 10 September 2017, when the Ardenza river flooded and the Rio Maggiore causing the death of 8 people. The Gup has acquitted Riccardo Pucciarelli, ex […]

Former senator of Forza Italia

‘Ndrangheta, Pittelli goes on hunger strike

Giancarlo Pittelli, former Forza Italia parliamentarian, accused of mafia association in the “Rinascita Scott” trial in Lamezia Terme, started the hunger strike. Pittelli informed the director of “il Riformista”, Piero Sansonetti of his initiative: “The telegram that Pittelli sent us – writes Sansonetti on the newspaper’s website – says: ‘Dear Piero, […]

Assault on the CGIL

Another 5 arrests for the events in October. There is also the head of FN in Catania

Five people were arrested for participating in the assault on the national headquarters of the CGIL in Rome on 9 October. The proceeding assumes the crimes of devastation and looting. Among them is Giuseppe Bonanno Conti, the Catania leader of Forza Nuova. The other person who ended up under house arrest is a Genoese linked to the “No Green Pass” movements. For the […]

Sole24Ore. The suspect Marrocchio today signs the agreement on 25 early retirements

Not even a plissé, indeed full confidence. Not towards colleagues, but for the personnel director, Romeo Marrocchio, investigated by the Rome Public Prosecutor’s Office for fraud against the state together with the former CEO of Gedi Monica Mondardini and dozens of other managers for the 2014 early retirement at Rotocolor. He expressed it the other day in the editorial assembly […]


Enel, A2a and the others: 2021 is golden for the big energy companies

While France places for EDF, the energy giant controlled by Paris, a cap on the increase in bills of 4% (in fact in line with inflation, sterilizing the increases in gas and electricity prices), in Italy it is still sails on sight. The government will intervene but the modalities are not yet known. We will see. […]

The announcement on the web

Rome, the Eliseo Theater for sale. Cost: 24 million

The historic Eliseo Theater is for sale. The announcement appeared on the site of the prestigious real estate agency Engel & Volkers, at a price of 24 million euros: by spending this amount, according to the announcement, you will have a complex over 5 thousand square meters located in the heart of Rome. The structure, whose stage has been trodden by some […]

The verdict

Sirhan, forever killer. Revenge of the Kennedys

After 53 years in jail, Bob’s killer was denied probation due to pressure from the political clan


“Be careful”: cyber-attack in Kiev, NATO accuses Moscow

“Be careful and expect the worst. This is your past, present and future “: this is the message that many employees of government agencies in Kiev read yesterday (in Russian, Ukrainian and Polish) when they tried to access the sites of their respective ministries or other strategic infrastructures of the state. Ukraine, again […]

The Film to see

A good shot of Ozon: the end of life meets poetry

François Ozon. Everything went fine


“La mercante di Brera”, how to make the treasures in the attic chic

A docu-reality conceived by Alice Lizza (sul Nove) dedicated to the commercial history of Roberta Tagliavini


Add a seat at the table: there is De Pisis

“Whoever wants to live and stay healthy / stay away from women / but go here to Burano / eat at Romano’s”. So wrote Achille Campanile in 1948 in the guest book of the restaurant “Tre stelle” by Romano Barbaro (1903-1964), a cordial host whom Ernest Hemingway called “a patron of the arts”: its walls were dripping with paintings […]


“King Henry IV is a strike and ‘As you like’ woods”: Calvino reads the Bard

Fresh from a degree in English literature, Italo Calvino (1923-1985), after months in the Turin cultural editorial staff of the Unità, returned in 1949 to the Einaudi fold, with which two years earlier he published his debut novel The path of the nests of Spider. “Journalist of catalogs and bellows”, in practice press officer of the publishing house, Calvino also assumes the direction of […]

DC (After Christie)

Girl disappears between Rome and Capalbio: noir anthropology with “red” nostalgia

In his winery, near Campo de ‘Fiori, Marco Paraldi wrote the ten things he hates most on a blackboard. There are also the envious, in the top ten. But frankly, how can you not envy a guy like him? Because Paraldi is not just a charming fifty-year-old innkeeper who wakes up […]

The book

The Three Sisters of Oman: desperate like all

Celestial bodies by Jokha Alharthi, 43, professor of Arabic literature at the Sultan Qaboos University of Muscate, published by Bompiani for the translation by Giacomo Longhi, is the first work in Arabic to have won, in 2019, the international Man Booker for fiction and is also the first written by an Omani woman to be […]

In other words

“I, Tolstoian princess who ended up in Chekhov’s books”

Geneva Bompiani. Publisher and writer

The tasting

From the Times to the Post, the story of the newspapers that “kept the lights on”

Jill Abramson sheds light on the state of journalism starting with four key cases: the New York Times, of which she was the first and only executive director, the Washington Post, the two web stars Buzzfeed and Vice.com. The unstoppable march of Buzzfeed and Vice, the bet on viral content, emotionally engaging and […]

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