On ‘Ilha Record’, Caíque Aguiar breaks alliance and criticizes ex-panicat. ‘Turn coat’

On “Ilha Record”, Caíque Aguiar still hasn’t gotten over his broken alliance with Whendy Tavares after trying to get the model to vote for Kaik. The ex-panicat became the target of criticism from the personal in a conversation with Raphael for not accepting the agreed voteadmitting that he would not like to come out as someone who was manipulated, which led Caíque to exclude her from his list of priorities.

“What a turnaround today,” commented Raphael about Vitória’s going into exile. “That’s what Mariana Rios said, whoever hasn’t woken up is vacillating”, replied Caique. “For me there, with everyone who was closed and supported us… at the time of my vote I had two options”, Raphael began. “The only person that rolled was the one I voted for [Whendy]”, he analyzed. “She becomes a coat one hundred percent”, completed Caíque.

“Revealing the stops we were talking about”, commented Raphael about the combination attempt. “You opened your heart to her,” said the actor. “That’s ugly,” agreed the Commander of the week. “My vote for Whendy was for double play. Maybe I’ll tell her, I’ll think about it”, concluded Raphael.

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