Ömer has a new illusion and what else happened in “Brothers” this week from August 1 to 2

what happened in “Brothers”? It has been a very intense week for the Eren brothers. They suffered intoxication, they faced bullying from their cousin, but after so many problems, love surrounds their hearts. Know everything that has happened this August 1 and 2 in the Turkish soap opera broadcast by Antena 3.

The drama tells the story of the Eren brothers (Kadir, Ömer, Asiye and Emel), who, after the death of their parents, must move on with their lives and face their problems. “Kardeslerim” premiered on the Turkish network ATV on February 20, 2021 and has since become a ratings hit. In a short time this story has been sold to more than 40 countries on different continents.

Thus “Hermanos” arrived in Spain on Sunday, June 26, 2022 and, quickly, has become one of the public’s favorite Turkish soap operas.


Next, the five most important moments that occurred this Monday, August 1 and Tuesday, August 2 in the Turkish soap opera broadcast by Antena 3.

5. The Eren brothers wake up from intoxication

Asiye has been very scared ever since she came home after winning the annual music competition with Doruk to find all of her siblings unconscious. They had been poisoned by the stove. Faced with this situation, the young woman called the ambulance and then received the necessary medical attention. Although Emel and Ömer were in grave danger, they were saved. Without a doubt a great joy for the Eren.

4. Orhan Suffers Brutal Attack

Kadir defends his cousin Aybike from the bullying she is suffering at school from Berk and other classmates. The assailants beat Kadir and his uncle Orhan, who gets the worst of it by falling on a concrete post. Arriving home, he passes out and bleeds from the mouth. He had internal bleeding, but the doctors manage to save him. Sengül decided not to report Berek in exchange for a good sum of money.

3. Kenan’s Death

Doctors inform Susan the death of her husband, who died after falling into an abyss, when he was fighting with Akif after learning – through a call from Nebah– that his friend slept with his wife. Akif, for her part, breaks up with Suzan, which seems to make the recent widow very angry, who also lost the baby he was expecting from her lover.

2. Ayşe, Ömer’s new illusion?

Ömer and Oğulcan were playing basketball in the schoolyard as they chatted. Ömer has given up on his relationship with Melisa, but a new illusion will appear. While he was speaking, the young man from the Eren family threw a ball into the basket, but it fell on a new student’s head: Ayşe. The young woman has gone to the bathroom and Ömer has gone after her. The young man has volunteered to put some ice on her and they have joined her hands. The chemistry is obvious.

1. Melissa asks Kadir for sincerity

Kadir rejected Melisa and that broke the young woman’s heart. She has found out that Kadir has not been honest in her feelings to protect her brother and asks for an explanation. “Can you tell me the truth?”Melissa told him. Kadir doesn’t quite understand what this question is about. The young woman wants to ask the oldest of the Eren one last favor: to be honest and tell her if he rejected her for not hurting Ömer. He also wants to know if that is the reason why she started dating Süsen. Kadir has been very surprised. Will she tell him the truth? Love haunts the hearts of the Eren brothers. Doruk feels closer to Asiye. What will happen next week?

Melisa does not give up on Kadir in “Brothers” (Photo: NGM)


You can see the telenovela “Hermanos” Monday and Tuesday, through the Antena 3 signal, at 10:45 pm. (local time). Also, you can enjoy “Kardeşlerim” episodes via streaming.

You only require a subscription to the platform. With your access to the service, you will have the possibility to see previews of the series, previous chapters and additional material of the Ottoman production.


The new Turkish telenovela “Hermanos” will hit the screens of Antena 3 and promises to become one of the most popular productions.

“Brothers” tells the story of Kadir, Ömer, Asiye and Emel, four brothers who make up a humble family and who will fight to continue with their lives despite the difficulties that come their way.

But everything will change when they meet Akif Atakul, a greedy millionaire businessman who will try to hide in order not to pay a debt and also not to be discovered that he committed a crime several years ago.



Aylin Akpınar is 10 years oldwhich she fulfilled on May 12, 2022. The little actress showed her acting talent at a young age, and in 2019, she landed her first job on television.

The young actress began her career with a secondary role in the Turkish series “I wish we had never grown up”. Later that same year, she earned a spot on “Istanbul Bride”. In a short time, she consolidated the affection of the public with her character of Ada Meryem in the program “Love makes you cry”. While, in 2021, she was called to star in “Brotherslike Emel. MORE INFORMATION HERE


Fatih, one of the largest districts in Istanbul, Turkey, located in the heart of the city, was chosen as the epicenter of the story starring the Kadir brothers, Omer, Asiye and Emel.

Fatih’s name comes from Sultan Mehmed II, which in Arabic means “Conqueror”. But this is not the only place where it was recorded”Brothers”, other scenes of the plot take place in various districts of Istanbul.

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