OMEGA X: The trial of the lawsuit against Spire already has a date

After the abuse that OMEGA X had received from the CEO of Spire Entertainment became public, new information continues to emerge. Now, it was revealed that the first hearing of the lawsuit for the termination of the group’s exclusive contract will be in December.

OMEGA-X sued Spire Entertainment to demand the termination of her exclusive contract. This after the mistreatment and harassment that the members of the group received from CEO Kang, former director of the company, came to light. The first trial has already date.

The trial of the OMEGA X lawsuit will be very soon. // Source: Twitter @FannyHale27

OMEGA-X recently toured and visited several countries including the United States and Mexico. However, during their stay in Los Angeles, fans witnessed how the members of the group were mistreated by the CEO of their company and exposed the case in networks.

After the controversy went viral, the staff left the OMEGA X members in the United States and the boys had to buy their own flights to return to Korea, from that moment on, the legal fight against OMEGA X began and Spire Entertainment.

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OMEGA X’s trial against Spire Entertainment will be on December 7

Several Korean media reported that OMEGA X’s trial against Spire Entertainment is already dated and scheduled for December 7th and it will be in the Seoul Eastern District Court.

In this judgment the demand of the OMEGA X group to end his exclusive contract with the company Spire Entertainment. Many fans around the world are patiently awaiting the trial, hoping that the members will get justice after their mistreatment by their agency.

So far, it is unknown if the final result of the lawsuit will be resolved at the first hearing. The verdict end could take between days or weeks. However, both FOR X (OMEGA X fandom) and more K-Pop fans have come together to demand better treatment for the group so that they can continue their dream of being idols.

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Spire Entertainment wants to collect more than 400 million won from OMEGA X

Since OMEGA X wants to terminate its exclusive contract with the company, Spire Entertainment wanted to collect 400 million won from OMEGA X, which is approximately $304,000. The reason for their charge is as compensation for the money the company invested in them during their trainee period and during their career as idols and tours.

Many fans have criticized this action as an abuse and have been surprised that, in South Korea, it is a common practice for companies to seek to collect money from stars who want to terminate their exclusive contract early, using excuses similar to the one by Spire Entertainment. What’s your opinion about it?

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