OMEGA X spoke of the mistreatment and threats they received from CEO Kang

There is more and more evidence in the case of mistreatment that OMEGA X received from the former CEO of Spire Entertainment. After the abuse came to light and trended both in Korea and international media, the group held a press conference to talk about what they really experienced and the progress of the lawsuit.

In case of OMEGA-X against Spire Entertainment continues, and the group decided to hold another press conference to talk about the abuse they suffered during their time at the agency.

OMEGA X revealed more details of its case against Spire Entertainment. // Source: Twitter @FannyHale27

Fandoms around the world have come together to demand justice for the case of OMEGA-Xwhich caused a stir after a fan managed to record the exact moment in which the CEO of Spire Entertainment was physically and verbally assaulting the members during their tour in the United States.

Thanks to the echo that this news generated both in the Korean and foreign media, the group took the courage to seek legal representatives and speak out about the mistreatment they have received in recent years. This is what they said in their recent Press conference.

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OMEGA X confessed that CEO Kang threatened to take her own life if they disobeyed her

A few hours ago was the press conference in which OMEGA X decided to talk more about the case of abuse that the former CEO of Spire Entertainment had late. In it, they revealed more details about the mistreatment they received.

During the conference, some members couldn’t help but cry while talking about the abuse they received. The leader of the group, jaehanfirst mentioned that they did not want to talk about it for fear of losing their dreams of becoming idols once again and decided to endure the mistreatment silent. However, now they know that it was not something they should tolerate and they will raise their voices about it.

The members of OMEGA X at the press conference. // Source: Twitter @francybiany

As he spoke, he confessed that they used to receive threats from CEO Kang in which he told them that he would kill them or that she would commit suicide if they did not listen to him. In addition to that, they confirmed that she used to touch her faces, hands, and thighs a lot, to the degree that she made them feel very uncomfortable.

Jaehan confessed that the situation caused such anxiety in the group that they even trembled in fear at the threats of the CEO Kangwho even mentioned sending them to do their military service if they didn’t do what she said.

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Spire Entertainment wants to charge OMEGA X more than 400 million won

In addition to that, with the lawsuit the members of OMEGA-X they plan to end their exclusive contract with Spire Entertainment. However, they confessed that the company told them they are owed 400 million won, approximately $304,000. All this for the money they invested during their training and promotions.

This lawsuit breaks new ground against the abuses that are often practiced by some companies and if they win it could mark a beginning in a fairer treatment for artists in the industry in South Korea. Stay tuned for more updates.

In other news, evidence of sexual harassment OMEGA X received from CEO Kang has been found. Did you hear?

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