Omar Sy at John Woo for the remake of "The Killer"

Omar Sy should wear a pure action film with the remake of the Hong Kong film “The Killer”, which John Woo is currently preparing. The feature film would be a “reinvention” and will be broadcast by the Peacock platform.

Omar Sy on all fronts

Omar Sy continues to wander his career between French and international productions. When he does not appear in front of Anne Fontaine’s camera to Police (2020), we find him alongside Harrison Ford in The forest’s call (2020) or facing dinosaurs in Jurassic World: The World After (2022). It must be said that the actor is popular at the moment. Certainly helped byhe visibility offered by Netflix. Series Lupine, which he carries on his shoulders, is a great success for the platform. And Omar Sy continued this year with Netflix for far from the ring road. Things are going very well for him. And he can even afford to join a little more surprising projects.

Lupine ©Netflix

We learn by Deadline that Omar Sy would have joined the cast of the remake of The Killer by John Woo. Well, not quite a remake, but a “reinvention” according to the filmmaker, who himself is responsible for producing this English-language version and which should land on the American platform Peacock. At first, John Woo had explained that he had offered the main role to Lupita Nyong’o, but that she had to decline. He then said he was looking for someone else, and so it would seem that the director changed his plans and no longer made a female version.

The Killeran action film as we do more

As a reminder, The Killer (1989), carried by Chow Yun-fat, is an important film in Hong Kong cinema, and in the career of John Woo. An explosive action film that offers grandiose shootouts in the pure virtuoso style of John Woo. A style that has influenced more than one, like Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez.

On the side of history, The Killer present Jeff, a hitman who during a mission accidentally injures Jennie, a bar singer. She then loses her sight, and Jeff feels guilty. He then decides to approach her to help her, and accept one last contract to pay for an operation that could restore his sight. But while Inspector Li is after him, Jeff must also escape assassins sent by his former boss.

The Killer
The Killer ©Metropolitan Filmexport

It will be, on the one hand, interesting to see how John Woo will update his work. Regarding Omar Sy, there is a real curiosity to discover it in a pure action movie. If John Woo stays true to his style, we can hope to see the actor pull out guns in slow motion with doves flying around him. For that alone, it would be worth the detour!

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