OM: Vitinha the flop, he gives an appointment in a year

This winter, OM broke their piggy bank by making Vitinha the most expensive player in their history. But for the moment, the Portuguese has hardly played.

At the club for two months, Vitinha is content with crumbs under the orders of Igor Tudor since his record transfer to Olympique de Marseille for 32 million euros. The most expensive player in the history of the Marseille club, Vitinha has only been established once by the Croatian coach. For the rest, the former Braga striker has to make do with a few late-game appearances, which hasn’t yet allowed him to showcase himself and score his first goal in Provence. Doubts are logically beginning to arise about the quality of a player who, if he was that good, would have had his chance for two months. However, you have to be patient according to Lucho Gonzalez, ex-OM star, for whom adaptation is a factor to be taken into account with a young player leaving his family cocoon for the first time and discovering foreign countries.

Lucho Gonzalez asks time for Vitinha

β€œHe is a very good player technically. He arrives in a club where he must be the one who wears the number 9 on his jersey, a “matador”. But he needs time, to know his teammates, his teammates need to know him. My advice is time. Often the fans don’t give us that time and the press also starts to criticize, because we’re always going to compare a player with what he did at his previous club. That’s a lot of changes for a player, even if he was already in Europe. It’s a different culture, a different language, a different style of play. I think he needs to try to do what he was doing at his previous club and not think about what is being said, and it will be easier.” indicated on RMC the former star of Olympique de Marseille, who for a long time had the label of the most expensive player in the history of the Olympian club before being dethroned by Dimitri Payet, who himself was overtaken by Vitinha this winter.

Vitinha’s entourage does not panic

For his part, Vitinha remains confident. His entourage, questioned by La Provence, affirms that the Portuguese striker of OM is taking his troubles patiently, convinced that his time will come. ” There is no problem. He is always focused and works hard. It’s a matter of opportunity, but it depends on the coach. Vitinha is a hard worker and talented, his time will come” says someone close to the Olympique de Marseille striker. Portuguese journalist who knows Vitinha like the back of his hand, Antonio Soares is also confident about the future of the Marseille striker in Ligue 1. ” He’s young. You have to give him time. There is a gap between the Portuguese and French championships. And OM are a very demanding club, with a lot of pressure, more than at Braga. It is difficult to break through alongside an Alexis Sanchez. But we will see the real Vitinha next season” says in La Provence the Portuguese journalist. Suffice to say that in Marseille but not only, we are certain that Vitinha will not be a flop. Rather reassuring, while the Portuguese is currently heating up the bench at OM.

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