OM: Ünder, Dieng, a surprise transfer window departure?

OM’s transfer window is accelerating, reinforcements are expected and surprising sales cannot be ruled out.

The winter transfer window of Olympique de Marseille is already well underway with the departures of Luis Suarez, Isaak Touré and the big sale of Gerson to Flamengo. Now is the time for Pablo Longoria to bolster the squad at Igor Tudor’s disposal. For this, the president of OM wants to recruit two attacking players, a trend confirmed in recent hours. The target players have not all filtered, but Pablo Longoria would ideally like an attacking midfielder and a striker. If he manages to achieve his goal, OM’s squad will again be very strong with two recruits in addition to Payet, Ünder, Dieng and Alexis Sanchez in the attacking sector. A workforce too bloated for a club that does not compete in the European Cup? This is the opinion of Romain Canuti, for whom a surprise departure from Cengiz Ünder or Bamba Dieng on the gong cannot be ruled out this winter.

Ünder or Dieng finally on the start?

“The idea of ​​the leaders is to recruit two offensive players. But at this level, I wonder because you already have Sanchez, Payet, Ünder, Dieng and Ben Seghir. If you have two more rookies, you have seven offensive players for three positions. In my opinion, if the leaders really want to make two recruits, I understand that Ünder and Dieng are not guaranteed to stay. Dieng, in the last two games, he hardly played. If you add for example Malinovsky and another striker, when do you play him? At 18 months from the end of his contract, I might as well sell him… On the strength of this reflection, I am telling myself that it is better to recruit a good player than two players who are a little less good” analyzed the Phocaean journalist, who would therefore not be surprised to see Bamba Dieng or Cengiz Ünder leave OM by the end of the winter transfer window, which would be another surprise from President Pablo Longoria.

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