OM: The Veretout controversy ends with an XXL confession

This Friday, OM formalized the arrival in its workforce of Jordan Veretout. An arrival that continues to make a lot of ink flow on the Canebière.

Apparently, the arrival of Jordan Veretout has all the benefits for OM. Indeed, the Frenchman has long made Roma happy and recently tasted the joys of the France team. But it is rather Veretout’s personal life that bothers some OM lovers. Indeed, the player would have financially helped his stepfather for his legal costs while the latter was accused of raping his own daughter. Very quickly, a #Veretoutnotwelcome hashtag surfaced on social media. A rumble that reached the ears of Pablo Longoria, who calmed things down, stating that Veretout should not be judged on a guess. And in the hours that followed, the former Nantes player was made official by OM.

Veretout finally validated by OM supporters?

Jordan Veretout therefore arrives in a climate far from being serene for him in appearance. Because for Romain Canuti, his transfer to OM posed no problem for the club’s Ultras, as he said on his Twitter account. “Regarding Veretout, Longoria would not have recruited the player if the majority of OM supporters were against his coming. So before signing him, he took advantage of a meeting with the group leaders to see what they thought: no one raised the ‘controversy’., in particular indicated the journalist, adding in passing that these leaders of the groups of the supporters represented the supporters better than Twitter. In any case, this controversy, coupled with the confusion between Igor Tudor and some of his players, does not help to prepare for the match against Stade de Reims this Sunday evening in Ligue 1. While the end of last season ended in apotheosis, here is OM already in a period of crisis. You will have to calm her down very quickly. What better than a first victory in the league to achieve this?

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