OM: The Longoria transfer window will ruin everything

Winner in Monaco (2-3) on Sunday, Olympique de Marseille concluded an interesting first part of the season in Ligue 1. But the decisions of President Pablo Longoria could complicate the task of the Marseillais after the transfer window.

Finally, Olympique de Marseille begins its World Cup break with serenity. The situation did not encourage optimism after the points left en route in Ligue 1 and the elimination of all European competitions. But the recent victories in the shocks against Lyon (1-0) and Monaco improve the assessment drawn up by the journalist Grégory Schneider.

I continue to believe that they had been poorly paid for a few weeks, including in the European Cup, because things could have gone better. Somewhere they went for this match as they live. That is to say that it is a team that is hungry, that puts a lot of energy. It validates a little their way of being “Commented the columnist of Europe 1, before qualifying his analysis.

After all, there are two reservations. The first is that everyone stops for a month and a half, it’s not going to help them. It’s likely to break any dynamicwarned the specialist. And the second, I’m afraid that Pablo Longoria will continue to spin the mill by transferring and recovering other players. We still have the impression that he is a little there for that. Regardless of what happens next, I will remember that this team lived decently. »

“Management not helping”

She was worthy, she is two points per game in the league, it’s an excellent average. Even in the games where she was in difficulty, in the Champions League or against PSG, she was not very inferior, I never saw her being taken for a ride or being light years away. I think they have a lot of merit. The steering doesn’t help because it’s unstable. But the players, the staff and the coach have had a lot of merit for four months “, underlined Gregory Schneider, generally convinced by OM this season.

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