OM sponsor sinks, general panic

New main sponsor of OM this season, Cazoo is in very serious financial difficulty. A situation likely to worry the Marseille club.

This summer, Olympique de Marseille formalized a major change to its jerseys with the arrival of a new main sponsor. Uber Eats has given way to Cazoo, a British company specializing in the sale of used cars. But only a few months after the signing of this new contract, concern is in order in Marseille but also in Lille, which has the same main sponsor. And for good reason, the specialized newspaper Les Echos tells us that Cazoo is in very big financial difficulty. The situation is so unfortunate that the company withdrew from certain European markets on Tuesday and it cannot be ruled out that France will be affected in the coming months. In the event that Cazoo disappears in France, the company would obviously no longer have any interest in paying to appear on the jerseys of OM and LOSC.

Main sponsor of OM but also of Lille

The outlet reports that in a bid to grow its brand and awareness, Cazoo has invested heavily in sports sponsorship across Europe. For example, the company sponsors Everton as well as Aston Villa in the Premier League with juicy contracts. Valencia, Real Sociedad, Bologna or Friborg have also signed contracts with Cazoo, which is multiplying contracts but which may well not be able to honor them all. And as proof, the accounts for the first half, published on Tuesday, show that the growth in turnover is paying a heavy price with losses over six months which have climbed from 100 to 243 million pounds in one year. It now remains to be seen whether, despite the crisis that society has been through, Cazoo will be able to pay OM and Lille adequately this season. Otherwise the two clubs will have to urgently find a new main sponsorโ€ฆ

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