OM: Sanchez sacrificed, the terrible choice of Tudor

OM got their Ligue 1 campaign off to a perfect start with two successes in as many games. But the positioning of Alexis Sanchez raises questions about the Canebière.

Igor Tudor’s men have had a string of good results in Ligue 1 in recent days. Enough to secure their place on the championship podium for the moment. The team is running at full speed collectively. However, some individualities are beginning to find it increasingly difficult to exist. This is also the case of Alexis Sanchez, confined to a position of number 9 which does not necessarily highlight his quality of play. According to certain observers close to OM, the Chilean is not the happiest in the field. Eric Di Meco will not say otherwise.

OM and Sanchez, problem in sight?

During a passage on BFM Marseillethe consultant gave his opinion on the Sanchez case, regretting that Igor Tudor perseveres in playing the former Barcelona player in a position that restricts him. “When you are a coach like Tudor and you lose three players. It’s normal to ask for two. And it’s normal to want this top striker. Because we talk a lot about the dream of seeing Alexis Sanchez behind a striker, the fact that he runs a lot, but he doesn’t have a lot of good balls to play. And in reality I’m not sure that he’s having fun. He is a duty player who does the job, but I think he would have more fun behind a striker. You have to thank him for what he’s been doing since the start of the season, because it’s not his preference. It does the job quite well! He runs like a rabbit. Physically he is fine.”, said Eric Di Meco, who really hopes that OM will be able to find a new professional striker during this winter transfer window. In the meantime, Sanchez will have to keep chomping at the bit and sacrifice himself for the collective. The reward could be great at the end of the season even if information already indicates that the Chilean could leave Canebière in the coming months.

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