OM sale: Thibaud Vézirian will tell the whole truth!

At the origin of information on a possible sale of Olympique de Marseille, Thibaud Vézirian suffered the consequences at the professional level. But these hard knocks do not stop the journalist who intends to write a book on this soap opera and its backstage.

This certainly did not escape viewers, Thibaud Vézirian suddenly disappeared from the air on the L’Equipe channel. The former columnist was dismissed this season because of the buzz caused in recent months. We are of course talking about his information on a possible sale of Olympique de Marseille. Despite numerous denials from owner Frank McCourt, the journalist persists and continues to assert that the Marseille club will be sold to Saudi investors. Moreover, Thibaud Vézirian intends to talk about it in a book, despite the hardships linked to his revelations.

« I have been wronged in the sense that I have been working on daily newspapers on TV for 14 years, and for the first time this fall I am not there, told the journalist to OL Play. It is certainly my fault but it is also due to pressures that some of my clients/employers have suffered. It’s because of my investigation, I’ve been told that clearly. I accept it, I could have been the troublemaker because I did not correspond to the timing wanted by these business leaders. But I also received death threats on social networks in particular, quite harsh things. Fortunately, I have my shield which helped me to accept that. »

“The future will prove me right without any problem”

« I also agreed to keep quiet when I was on the air on the L’Equipe channel, because L’Equipe has relations with the club. It undermined these relationships and it was completely normal to make my little person back down in the face of these entities. But I can’t say I lied because those are the confirmations I have. Everything that comes up will prove me right. I will necessarily write a book about this adventure, it was so crazy. And the future will give me reason without problem. I would have preferred to be called and told that I was out of time, it would have been professional and I could have understood. I found it very big “, regretted Thibaud Vézirian, ready to assume until the end.

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