OM sale: McCourt out, fans furious!

Monday evening at the microphone of RMC, journalist Florent Gautreau released big information about the sale of OM.

What was a fan fantasy becomes a little more concrete. The sale of Olympique de Marseille has finally been discussed on a serious antenna in France. Monday evening on RMC, there was indeed talk of takeover offers submitted to Frank McCourt in recent months. Journalist Florent Gautreau revealed information that immediately inflamed supporters on social networks. “Mc Court would have refused three offers from Saudi investors, which have not yet been drawn up. What we blame McCourt for is not refusing these offers, but not investing enough. launched the After Foot journalist, whose remarks revived the hope of a sale of OM among supporters, including those who had never believed in Saudi rumors.

OM supporters hunt Frank McCourt

Frank McCourt would therefore have refused to sell Olympique de Marseille to investors more powerful than him, which does not fail to frustrate the supporters. Proof of the annoyance that this decision of the American causes among the supporters, the hashtag #McCourtOut was placed in top tweet this Tuesday. “The #McCourtOUT is finally in trend better late than never”, “McCourt is receiving pressure from all sides to sell the club, except groups (of supporters)”, “Mr McCourt do not do business at the expense of thousands of supporters! Don’t do like the Dodgers. Sell! And go! » or “Seriously, we can’t meet between supporters, can we? Mc Court is able by “pride” to ruin our Champions League year and our championship! Leave the club to people who have the means of their ambition! » can we read on social networks, where OM supporters very clearly criticize Frank McCourt for not selling the club despite offers from investors with means highly superior to his. It is in this tense climate that the new Marseille coach Igor Tudor will make his debut, he who has just succeeded Jorge Sampaoli, who left precisely because he felt that his ambitions were not in line with those of Olympique. from Marseille.

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