OM sale: McCourt is over, Thibaud Vézirian is jubilant

Announced many times, the sale of Olympique de Marseille is still talking. The fire was put back on this week, and Thibaud Vézirian believes he is finally close to his announcement, which is starting to date.

The chestnut tree from the sale of Olympique de Marseille keeps coming back to the fore, and Pablo Longoria spoke again this week at a press conference to try to put an end to this rumor. Frank McCourt is not a seller and the Marseille club will not change hands soon. Recently, it was the arrival of a new jersey sponsor, in the person of CMA CGM, which intrigued behind the scenes. The Spanish president simply confirmed that it was just a sponsor and not a future owner of OM. Nevertheless, Daniel Riolo confided his doubts, explaining that this could well change in the coming weeks or months. Even if the journalist from France Télévisions Mohamed Bouhafsi once again insisted on denying this rumor, there is one who seized the ball. For Thibaud Vézirian, who announces that the sale of OM has already been carried out for two years now, this is proof that he was right from the start.

OM sale, the evidence is coming

Even if the argument is a bit far-fetched, knowing that it is no longer Saudi Arabia that is cited for a possible takeover, the journalist formerly of La Chaine L’Equipe is pleased to have been right before everyone in a live on Twitch. ” There have already been big offers on the table and we are no longer there. The new partner shows the new scale that OM will take. I’m glad I didn’t let go since the evidence is coming. The change of era is coming, it’s been on track for months “, delivered Thibaud Vézirian, who believes that the new OM project has already passed into its second phase. But for now, it’s still Frank McCourt who is officially in charge. Even if the subject always causes eternal discussions on the networks, and in particular with these perpetual reminders which however never lead to real changes.

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