OM sale: McCourt avoided a nice scam

In collaboration with Mohamed Ayachi Ajroudi, Mourad Boudjellal had tried to lead a project to buy Olympique de Marseille. But two years later, the former president of the Toulon Rugby club recognizes his mistake and the bad intentions of the Franco-Tunisian.

Olympique de Marseille and its supporters have surely not forgotten this episode. In the summer of 2020, Mourad Boudjellal represented investor Mohamed Ayachi Ajroudi, announced determined to buy the Marseille club. The project seemed attractive, perhaps even a little too much since we were talking about the possible appointment of coach Zinedine Zidane and an investment of 700 million euros! But in reality, the Franco-Tunisian had not entrusted Mourad Boudjellal with his real intentions.

Ajroudi was a grazer. He tricked me a bitadmitted the former president of the Toulon Rugby club in Var-Matin. I should have been a little more suspicious. It’s my fault. I was fooled, that’s it. The truth is that Ajroudi wanted to buy OM by using me to go back and forth. He thought I was going to facilitate the sale but he didn’t want to put up the money. He wanted to recover and sell the club by making a big margin, he was only there for that. It was supposed to last twenty-four hours. Ultimately, he had sold before buying it back… »

Determined during this two-month soap opera, Mourad Boudjellal can only apologize two years later. ” I even want to apologize to McCourt, because I didn’t have all the elementshe defended himself. If that were to happen one day, I would apologize. I didn’t know all that… (…) This story happened so I jumped on it, but I shouldn’t have. “Now opposed to Mohamed Ayachi Ajroudi in court, the businessman also recognizes his lack of competence to lead the Marseille club.

Boudjellal congratulates Longoria

Longoria’s work is magnificent, there is nothing to say. I wouldn’t have done that (laughs)joked Mourad Boudjellal. Ajroudi? Of course I want him. I respect OM and the people of Marseille too much for that… In any case, I didn’t think I would have this image in Marseille, it amused me a lot. I must have a character that people know well… Nevertheless, Olympique de Marseille, whose owner Frank McCourt was not a seller, escaped a fiasco.

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