OM sale: It’s signed, McCourt pops the champagne!

While owner Frank McCourt has always denied, journalist Thibaud Vézirian continues to claim that the American wants to sell Olympique de Marseille. The specialist is categorical and understands that the sale of the Marseille club has already been recorded.

No, the soap opera is not over. The takeover project once represented by Mourad Boudjellal has definitely taken a hit. Nevertheless, rumors persist concerning a possible sale of Olympique de Marseille. The information comes again and again from Thibaud Vézirian, whose sources have been leading him to the same conclusion for months. For the journalist, owner Frank McCourt, despite his official denials, has every intention of selling the Marseille club to Saudi investors.

The sale recorded according to Vézirian

No one confirms this hypothesis which arouses annoyance and mockery on social networks. And yet, Thibaud Vézirian persists and now ensures that Frank McCourt has recorded the sale of Olympique de Marseille. “ The sale, it’s done, it’s done, partyannounced the informant during a live on Twitch. No stress, it’s recorded and active. And no one keeps it a secret anymore. Calm. The party is coming. I’ve been talking about it for two years. Businessman, statesmen, agents, players, in ministries… I have hundreds of sources. »

All tongues loosenhe added. Everything checks out, internal restructuring, recruitment… Avoid being misinformed. Categorical on the subject, Thibaud Vézirian could deliver the scoop of the year, or definitively bury his credibility. We would be tempted to predict the second hypothesis insofar as the current Marseille management does not give the impression of preparing for its exit. On the contrary, Frank McCourt could well reinvest money on the transfer market if Olympique de Marseille retained their second place in Ligue 1, directly qualifying for the Champions League.

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